Can you be a Pilot and own a pet?

Unless you have a significant other, pet sitter or some other plan in place, it would be very difficult to own a pet. It’s not fair to the dog If you can’t be around. A dog and a single airline pilot do not work. It's really hard on the dog and there is no way it is going to work out.

Put this on hold until you have a spouse that is into dogs as much as you.

Look at it from the pet's perspective. Maybe one day, when you've made it as a career pilot, you can bid on good shifts and be home almost every night, and have someone at home regardless, a pet would make sense, but if you're away from the house for more than 8-9 hours a day, that pet is never going to see you. You won't have time/energy to take proper care of it, train it, so it's just going to make a mess of your house or have separation issues.


I know you can't take them for walks, but goldfish are very resilient, can live an incredibly long time, and can go a couple of days without food if you get stuck somewhere. You as an adult human being can fully comprehend separation periods and the fact that you will be coming home eventually. A pet on the other hand, is emotionally equivalent to a small child. He doesn’t understand time. He doesn’t understand long periods of separation. He most certainly won’t understand YOU when you explain in English that you’ll be back in a few days. He does, however, experience loneliness, loss, fear, anxiety, boredom, and a multitude of other emotions that will leave him with serious psychological scarring. This often leads to behavioral problems, which in turn leads a frustrated owner to give up a pet. 

If you are positive you want a pet consider getting a pet that doesn’t require constant care such as a fish. 

Are you a pilot? Comment below on your opinion.

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