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Author: Celeste Webb

   Most people look at dogs as adorable and sweet. They don't even take a second to recognize the fact that dogs have feelings too. And not just that but did you know dogs have 1,700 taste buds. Or that their nose print is like a persons fingerprint. I think not! Here are 8 facts that may interest you.

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1. Dogs curl up when they sleep to protect their organs.

    • That's right, they do this because in the past when they lived in the wild, they were vulnerable to predator attacks.

2. Speaking of sleep. All dogs dream!

    • But puppies and senior dogs dream more frequently.

3. Lastly about sleep.

    • 45% of U.S. dogs sleep in their owners bed.

4. Dogs yawn.

    • Its funny when you pass a yawn to a friend but, its funnier when you can pass it to your dog.
5.All puppies are born deaf
    • Probably best so they don't have to hear the shriek of someone calling them cute.

6. A dogs nose has 300 million receptors.

    • A human only has 5 million.

7. Dogs have night vision.

    • This is because of something called Tapetum Lucidnm

8. A humans blood pressure goes down when petting dog.

    • Makes sense why dogs are used in therapy.

That's just a few cool facts about dogs! Does your dog yawn comment below.


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