How To Set Up A Saltwater Fish Aquarium

So you've finally decided to finally start a saltwater aquarium! It's suggested that you have experience with fresh water tanks before preparing to start a saltwater tank. 

What you'll need:



    Step by step:


    Find a spot to place your aquarium. Keep the aquarium away from direct sunlight.  It should be placed away from windows, outside doors, heat vents, and air conditioners. Rapid changes in water temperatures are extremely stressful for all fish, and especially so for saltwater fish.  Find somewhere accessible where you can enjoy It!

    Set Up

    1. Once you have found a place for your aquarium place the stand and make sure It Is level.

    2. Rinse out the tank to get rid of any dust or debris. 

    3. Affix your background to the aquarium.

    4. Add substrate and decor to the tank. Make you wash all decor before placing It Into the tank. If purchasing live sand, rinse it in a small amount of premixed saltwater and discard the saltwater after rinsing.



    Level the stand

    Clean the aquarium remember to never use chemicals

    Add a canister or hang on filter 




    Larger tanks will prevent the entire tank to be covered In an ammonia spike. if you are positive on start a saltwater tank 


    You don't need to use live rock In your aquarium. Coarse rock that s able to hold nitrifying bacteria nitrogen cycle coral substrate nitrogen cycle Leave your aquarium to set for 6 weeks before adding fish

    Scaping the aquarium

    limit "dead-zones"

    better flow creates a health aquarium

    How to add fish to your saltwater tank

    How to maintain & care for your basic saltwater aquarium

    How to create a coral aquarium

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