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Giant Schnauzer

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Height: 23-28 inches 

Weight: 65-90 pounds 

Life Expectancy: 12-15 years

Color: Salt & Pepper, Black and White

Coat: Wiry top coat, soft undercoat

Area of Origin: Germany

Family: Terrier

Group: Working Group
Other Names: Riesenschnauzer

These dogs were one of three Schnauzer breeds including the Miniature, Standard and Giant Schnauzer. Farmers from Bavaria, Germany were impressed by the smaller Standard Schnauzer, and sought to emulate it on a larger scale that would suitable for driving cattle. They were crossed with the Standard Schnauzer with their larger smooth-coated cattle-driving dogs in an attempt to create a wire-haired drover. Later crossed with the Great Dane and Bouvier des flandres probably occurred, and even crosses with black Poodle, Wold Spitz, and Wirehaired Pinscher have been suggested. Before World War 1 they became used as police dogs. 

Giant Schnauzers are healthy overall, and dedicated breeders will screen for health issues such as hip dysplasia, eye disease, and autoimmune thyroiditis. Prospective owners should select a breeder who is a member of the Giant Schnauzer Club of America. GSCA members agree to a code of ethics in breeding and will be the owner’s resource for health information as well as grooming help and tips on Giant Schnauzer care and training. 

 Recommended Health Tests: 

 Ophthalmologist Evaluation 

Thyroid Evaluation 

Hip Evaluation

Their coat needs daily brushing and combing, and occasional plucking is required to remove excess hair.


The Miniature Schnauzer deserves its place as one of the most popular terrier pets. It is playful, inquisitive, alert, spunky, and companionable. It’s a well-mannered housedog that also enjoys being in the middle of activities. It is less domineering than the larger schnauzers and less dog-aggressive than most terriers. It is also better with other animals than most terriers, although it will gladly give chase. It is clever and can be stubborn, but it is generally biddable. They enjoy children and barking.

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 Training  ★★★

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 Grooming Requirements  ★★★

 Cold Tolerance  ★★

 Heat Tolerance  ★★★

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